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From sheets and showerheads to lawnmowers and grills, we've researched and tested the gear that will help you get the most out of your space. Whether you're furnishing a new apartment, grilling burgers on the patio, organizing the garage, or tending to your garden, these are the home and garden tools and supplies we recommend.

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  • The Best Bathroom Rugs and Bath Mats

    The Best Bathroom Rugs and Bath Mats

    by Alex Arpaia

    A good bath mat can keep you from slipping and add some pizzazz to your bathroom. These three durable and comfortable options will work for a variety of styles.

  • The Best Hair Clippers for Home Use

    The Best Hair Clippers for Home Use

    by Jon Chase

    Due to the sudden increase in people cutting hair, most picks are out of stock. We still have advice for cutting your hair at home.


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Closet & Laundry

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  • The Best Hangers

    The Best Hangers

    by Gregory Han and Alex Arpaia

    After testing more than a dozen hangers, we found the Proman Kascade Hanger the most versatile and affordable for most closets.

  • The Best Dryers

    The Best Dryers

    by Tyler Wells Lynch

    After 50 hours of research, we learned that all dryers work pretty similarly. If you need one, check out the cheap, sturdy Maytag MEDX655DW.


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Home Safety

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Home Tools & Toolboxes

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Smart Home Devices

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  • The Best Umbrella

    The Best Umbrella

    by James Austin, Daniel Varghese, and Sarah J. Robbins

    After 66 hours of research, during which we used 48 umbrellas through rain and snow, we found the Repel Easy Touch to be the best umbrella for most people.

  • The Best Rain Jackets and Raincoats

    The Best Rain Jackets and Raincoats

    by Jackie Reeve

    After comparing 134 rain jackets and testing 21, we found six men’s and women’s raincoats in a range of sizes, lengths, and styles to keep you dry.

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