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United Implant Recycling 

Guaranteed $2000 up to $4000

Per 8oz containeR of dental scraps

Dental work

Medical Implants

Family Owned Refinery in San Diego, CA

We Recycle Any Metal in the Cremation Process 


Highest Settlement in the Industry

Dental Recycling

Waste crowns, bridges and metal grindings from gold filings can all be recycled through us for a return profit.

Medical Implants

Our single-stream recycling operation recycles all metals recovered regardless of type, size, and condition.

Simple Process

United Implant Recycling sends materials with clear instructions for collection and for easy submission.

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We have no setup fee & we pay for shipping. Give us a try. We know you’ll love us.

We recycle any and all dental scrap and precious metals after the cremation process because most of them contain precious metals such as; Gold, Palladium, Silver and Platinum.

Our 8 Ounce Container & 10 Gallon Drum

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